2021 publishing roundup – update

I’ve discovered that one more work of mine appeared in 2021, a republication of my translation into English of the short story “Francine (draft for the September lecture)” by Maria Antònia Martí Escayol, at Apex Magazine on December 28. This evocative, haunting story will make you wonder what’s real: after Renée Descartes’s daughter dies, he … Continue reading 2021 publishing roundup – update

I’ll be at Windycon 47 this weekend

Windycon, Chicagoland’s longest-running science fiction convention, is back in person for 2021! This year’s theme is “Urban Fantastic.” Windycon 47 will be held from Friday to Sunday, November 12 to 14, at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, Illinois. At its core, it’s a literary-based convention, but we’ll also enjoy games, costumes, art, filk … Continue reading I’ll be at Windycon 47 this weekend


Every flower is unique. And yet, some small yellow flowers have a nickname among botanists: DYCs, Damned Yellow Composites. Those are plants of the Asteraceae family, common worldwide, usually tenacious weeds with small yellow flowers. They may be pretty, but they’re so much alike that they’re hard to tell apart. Botanists sometimes don’t even try. … Continue reading Yellow

Forest to Table

My writers critique group here in Chicago recently released an anthology, Over the Edge Again: An Edgy Writers Anthology. Samuel Durr, who also edited the anthology, used his experience as a hunter to explore the relationship between two people who didn’t seek each other’s companionship in his story, “Wild Heart.” In this essay, he shares … Continue reading Forest to Table