A novel of first contact, a multi-generational story about colonists on a planet where plants are the dominant life forms – and they see animals, including humans, as their pawns.

• SFFWorld: Best of the decade list 2011-2020
• Arthur C. Clarke Award 2018 shortlist
• John W. Campbell Memorial Award finalist
• Locus Best First Novel Award nominee
• New York Public Library – Best of 2018
• The Verge – Best of 2018
• Thrillist – Best Books of 2018
• Vulture – 10 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of 2018
• Locus 2018 Recommended Reading List
• Chicago Review of Books – 10 Best Science Fiction Books of 2018
• Texas Library Association – Lariat List Top Books for 2019
• Forbes Best Science Fiction Books of 2018-2019

Published by Tor in February 2018. Information on how to order online or buy at a local bookstore is at Macmillan.
Read Chapter 1 here.
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The Semiosis story continues in Interference as the colonists and a team from Earth confront a new and more implacable intelligence.

Over two hundred years after the first colonists landed on Pax, a new set of explorers arrives from Earth on what they claim is a temporary scientific mission. But the Earthlings misunderstand the nature of the Pax settlement and its real leader. Even as Stevland attempts to protect his human tools, a more insidious enemy than the Earthlings makes itself known.

Stevland is not the apex species on Pax.

Purchasing information for the book, ebook, and audio book, as well as a sample chapter, is at Macmillan.

Usurpation, the third book in the trilogy, is coming in May 2024.

Rainbow bamboo grows everywhere on Earth, and it wants to dominate — with compassion.