About the audiobook for ‘Dual Memory’ and the choice of Andrés Santana

Yes, there will be an audiobook for Dual Memory. How do audiobooks happen?

In this case, the book’s publisher, Tor Books, holds the rights for the audiobook. Tor, in turn, sold the rights to Dreamscape, a publisher whose projects include audiobooks.

Dreamscape then asked me a dozen questions about such things as pronunciations and preferences on accents (I had no preference). Dreamscape also asked: “It is customary for narrators to have the freedom to create these characters on their own, but … if you have a strong opinion…” My only suggestion was that one of the characters, Par Augustus, could be played for laughs.

Dreamscape suggested audiobook narrator and voice actor Andrés Santana and passed on a few samples of his past work. I loved one of them for its snarky tone because Dual Memory, as Library Journal’s review says, is rollicking. He would be fun to listen to!

And so it’s going to be Andrés. I even got to talk to him briefly, and he was charming. He had questions about the pronunciation of seventeen words in the text. I’m a writer, so I know how to spell them, but pronunciation … I did some quick research. Quidam is KWEE-dam. Cedonulle is SAY-don-ul.

And so, I bring you Andrés Santana as the voice of Antonio Moro and the narrator of Par Augustus. He’ll be a pleasure to listen to and will make the story even better than I wrote it.

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