Behold the tree!

Because I live in a small apartment crammed with books and plants, I have very little room for holiday decorations, so each year one of the houseplants volunteers to play the role of Christmas tree. This year the Dracaena sanderiana saw it as an opportunity to live out its secret aspiration to be a real tree rather than a lanky distant cousin of asparagus.

Dracaena sanderiana is also known as “lucky bamboo,” although it is in no way related to real bamboo. As houseplants, Dracaena of many species grow well from cuttings of old plants. This particular potted individual has a name, Son of Steve One, which harkens to an honorable pedigree; the original plant came to me years ago as a gift.

It now wears seventy feet of inexpertly draped garland and could not be prouder.

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