Fan art by Storm Munk-Hind

Here’s some art about Semiosis — a reader shared these sketches with me, and I love them. Thank you, Storm! I asked her to say a little about herself:

My name is Storm Munk-Hind. I live in Denmark and study psychology at the university of Aarhus (Denmark). I’m also an artist. I usually do gallery-type art and specialize in portraits of people, but my other passion is making up and drawing strange animals! That’s why Semiosis really sparked my imagination and I just had to do some sketches!

While reading Semiosis, I did the following sketches of: glassmakers, eagles and lions.

Part of my interest in drawing strange animals stems from my interest in anatomy, and that all animals look the way they do for a reason. I imagined that if I had seen the Pax-animals myself, how would I try to describe them visually? How would I map their anatomy? What do they look like from the front, the side and in action?

I was especially interested in Glassmaker anatomy because it struck me as so otherworldly, and because they use tools and wear clothes.

Once I had designed the basic body-plan, I was asking myself: how do you play a flute when you have 2 elbows? How do you dance and drum? What kind of clothes does it make sense to wear if your body is Glassmaker-shaped? Asking these questions and at the same time using the book as a guideline, I made these drawings. It was so much fun!

For the eagles, I had in mind that they are intelligent predators. Therefore, I gave them big eyes facing forward and hand-like claws for easily manipulating objects. I made the terrible beak shaped like 3 hooks and with backward-pointing teeth in the underjaw — designed for tearing and for the eagle to latch on to prey, being hard to shake off once it gets a good bite.

I imagined the lions looking friendly and strong, with big eyes on the side of the head like a horse (for eagle-detection!). I imagined this kind of funny/cute body plan with the arms being a lot shorter than the legs, resulting in rabbit-like movements (I have kept many pet rabbits and find them very adorable). And a strong tail for balancing jumps. I gave them a long snout for reaching/digging for roots as well as flat, strong teeth for chewing plants.

If you want to see more of my other art-projects, I share some things on my Instagram: artist_storm_m

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