Interviewed in Panel Magazine

I’m interviewed in the latest issue of Panel Magazine in an article called “Lessons from the Future.” Published in Budapest, Panel is a magazine of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and the arts produced in Central and Eastern Europe and originally written in English or translated into English.

Half the proceeds from Issue #9 will go to help Ukrainian people currently residing in Hungary. You can order an electronic copy here.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview by editor Jennifer Walker:

Question: Clones play a key role in Immunity Index … Were you drawn to clones to explore the concept of what it meant to be human, as a device to show what happens when a group becomes  dehumanized, or was it something else you were curious to explore?

Answer: I know some human clones. We all do. Identical twins are clones. Most of my houseplants are clones, too. When you take a cutting and grow a new plant from it, that’s a clone. And yet, the simple, natural, common state of being a clone has been associated with evil. Other natural states like being trans-gender are actively being dehumanized right now. This is another political choice, and who’s making those decisions and why? As I said, anger seeped into my novel.

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