2021 publishing roundup

I had a few things published in 2021.

Immunity Index, a novel, published by Tor.

Library Journal gave it a starred review: “★ This dystopian biothriller reads like a 21st-century version of Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain, crossed with George Orwell’s 1984. The clone sisters and their creator each provide alternating perspectives of a chaotic world and evince that individuals can make a difference. The story they tell is hopeful, heartbreaking, and compelling at every turn. Highly recommended for readers of dystopian science fiction or political technothrillers.”

Publishers Weekly: “Burke endows her characters with distinct personalities and conjures a frighteningly real sense of national destabilization as events spiral out of their control.…This hits close to home.”

Amazon named it one of the best SFF books for May, and Bustle recommended it as one of the 40 best books out in May.


“Embracing the Movement” by Cristina Jurado, which I translated, published in Clarkesworld Magazine’s June 2021 edition. The original story, “Abrazar el movimiento,” won Spain’s Ignotus Award for Best Short Story 2021, the equivalent of a Hugo Award. (Yay, Cristina!)


Two of my short works were republished in 2021:

“Who Won the Battle of Arsia Mons,” a novelette about robots in a fight to the death on Mars, in Clarkesworld Year Twelve: Volume One (Clarkesworld Anthology).

“In the Weeds,” a short story about plants fighting climate change, in Over the Edge Again: The Edgy Writers Anthology.

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