2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner? Time travel

  1. I just finished Immunity Index. I love your writing and imagination and research as I did with your Semiosis books. I also lived the settings because I am a Milwaukee native. Wow the topic and the parallels to our experiences with covid. The 4 sister characters and their individual and shared stories were wonderful. Thank you for wonderful story.


  2. Thank you! I lived in Milwaukee for more than 40 years, and I set the story in Milwaukee because I thought I could get the setting right. I also began writing and researching the story in 2018 and finished it after covid hit, but all the experts commenting on the 1917 Spanish Flu and our readiness for something similar said the same thing: we were not ready. As for the sisters, I wrote with a question in mind. How much of who someone is results from their genes and how much from their environment? These were identical twins and had some shared traits to use to face their crisis together, but each one faced different problems.
    Thank you again. I’m so glad you enjoyed all the books!


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