Goodreads review: “Meet Me in Another Life” by Catriona Silvey

Meet Me In Another LifeMeet Me In Another Life by Catriona Silvey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Science fiction can reach out to the stars and at the same time hold tight to the human heart. The many layers of mystery in this beautiful love story lead to a breathtaking ending.

First, I should say that the British publisher sent me a copy of this novel and asked me to provide a blurb if I liked it. I did like it, and my blurb is the first paragraph of this review. The British edition goes on sale July 8. If you’re in the US, the book has been on sale since April.

Second, I cried at the ending.

Third, I won’t tell you why. Because spoilers, big spoilers.

Fourth, if you like science fiction, as you read this novel, you may wonder at some point if it is science fiction. Thora and Santi keep meeting in life after life, which doesn’t seem to make much sense. Trust me. It really is science fiction, and it all makes sense in the end.

Fifth, if you like literary fiction, here’s your chance to see that science fiction can also be character-driven and utterly moving. Just like the past and the present, the future will be human and humane.

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2 thoughts on “Goodreads review: “Meet Me in Another Life” by Catriona Silvey

  1. Ok, I’m going to trust you! The description feels a bit like “This Is How You Lose The Time War”, which is NOT my normal style, but which I absolutely loved. As my friend would say, “I hope this isn’t an overly feely book”. But I trust you. Just ordered it.

    And thank you so much for the signed copy of Semiosis! It made a wonderful birthday gift.


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