Hear the river

Irish Waterfall small
Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park, Ireland. Photo by Sue Burke.

The river flows.… Can you hear it? Can you hear the murmur and harmony of millions of raindrops mingling and flowing to the sea?

If we tried, could we hear the river’s desires? Its hopes, its promises? And could we speak for it?

Or … we could stop kidding ourselves. It’s a river, not sentient in any sense. When we claim to speak for it, we really say what we want for the river, what we think it ought to want for us, and what we want and need from it.

If the river were a thinking entity, we might hear something different and disquieting, maybe even an echo of our self-referential, self-delusory relationship with nature.

We might hear millions of raindrops arguing with each other, loud and angry, too much like us, all the way to the sea.

3 thoughts on “Hear the river

  1. Say, I’m thinking you need to be writing that third book to complete what surely must be (at least) a trilogy, eh? Please get at it.


      1. Well, if worse comes to worst, publish privately in pdf format online or via Kindle, etc. Surely, once you put out that third book, in which the sentient plant gets to earth, Netflix or Amazon will be knocking on your door to get a TV series adaptation rolling.


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