My new favorite plant from Mom – one year later


Last year on Mother’s Day, I blogged about my new favorite plant, a Rhipsalis creuscula or coral cactus.

In April 2019, my brother sent me some cuttings from his plant by mail. His plant came from cuttings our mother gave him almost thirty years ago from her own plant. She died in 1994. That means this is my mother’s coral cactus!

As you can see from last year’s photo, the cuttings arrived a little travel-weary, but it’s a survivor, and the plant has become a beautiful way to remember Mom.

6 thoughts on “My new favorite plant from Mom – one year later

  1. The plant is called Mom’s plant. Only a few of my plants have names, and the rest have descriptors: Steve One, Steve Two (named by my sister-in-law), Pink Lady, Son of Steve Two, the Other Son of Steve Two, Those Coleus I Was Going To Give Away At the Rummage Sale and Then We All Had To Stay Home and They’re Getting Too Big For Their Pots Now, the Basil We Don’t Eat As Fast As It Grows, the Baby Bonsai, the Sickly Oxalis, the Healthy Oxalis, the Purple Oxalis, the Red Coleus….

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    1. Tell us the truth, Madame Burke, it was you who advised Elon to name his baby X Æ A-12, ain’t it? Hahahaha, such naming prowess o’ thine! 😀

      Such a descriptive (and a very entertaining) reply, thank thee a crateful lot!


    1. x’DDDD
      Ah, I’ve achieved knowledge!

      Musk’s sure taken a risk by not listening to you.

      PS: It’d be pronounced as Kuh-voolch, isn’t it?


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