“Interference” book launch – with free plants!

Coleus to give away
These coleus plants come direct from my living room: happy, healthy, colorful, accustomed to human interaction, and mostly harmless.*

The book launch for Interference will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, October 24, at Volumes Bookcafe, 1474 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago.

The novel goes on sale October 22.

On the 24th, I’ll be reading from the novel, answering questions — and giving away the plants in the photo made from cuttings from one of my own houseplants.

The idea behind the novel Semiosis and its sequel Interference started when some of my houseplants tried to kill other plants. So far, these coleus seem enthusiastic but not aggressive.

*No guarantees. As it says on the cover of Interference, “Sentience craves sovereignty.” Who knows what these plants are thinking?

6 thoughts on ““Interference” book launch – with free plants!

  1. Hello Sue,

    I have just finished Interference, and loved it. So rich with character, movement and ideas. Last week I read Semiosis, and it was because I lived that one so much I rushed out and bought Interference.
    Now, you have probably answered this question somewhere, so excuse me for not finding it: do you plan for there to be a series? Will there possibly be a third?

    Happy Christmas.


    1. Hello Peter, and thank you!

      A third book? That’s a good question, and frankly, it depends on sales. The publisher would be happy to do it if at all possible, and I’ve already thought it through and written an outline.

      Thank you again, and happy holidays!



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