Flowers in the news

Flowers are sneaky. These flowers smell like danger.

Here’s some of the latest news about flowers:

Mouse plants
If you’re pollinated by fungus gnats, it’s good to pretend to be a mushroom. (The name comes from the flower’s mouse-like “tail.”)

Spring is coming earlier
New England’s woodland wildflowers are not keeping up with the change.

Ants on peonies
Peony flowers provide food for ants, and the ants protect the blossoms from other floral-feeding insects.

Podcast: Buzzing Bees and the Floral Microbiome
Why and how do bees have to buzz to pollinate some flowers? How do bees know which flowers need buzzing? How do flowers benefit? Scientist Avery Russell explains it all in great detail.

Flowers that mimic aphids in danger
Some fibbing flowers repel pests and attract ladybirds/ladybugs at the same time.

Flowers for predators
Farmers find that strips of flowers can attract natural pest predators and protect crops without pesticides.

Pollen protein makes you sneeze
But the proteins are life-or-death important to the plants.

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