A few links: News and posts about the vegetable kingdom


Veggies in space! If we’re going to go on long space missions, we’ll need to grow food, and plants respond differently in microgravity. NASA is growing plants on the International Space Station. Here’s more about the experiment, and how accidentally overwatering lettuce turned out to be the right thing to do.

Long ago, well before the dinosaurs, trees almost ruined our planet. We were saved by fungus.

Every tree tells a story. This National Geographic article introduces a number of legendary trees from around the world, including Newton’s apple tree in England and the Montezuma cypress in Mexico.

MIT has found a way to make plants glow. The scientists hope that someday trees might become self-powered street lights, or that you will read by the light of your houseplant.

Finally, Henry David Thoreau saw trees as living prayers. When he walked through a forest, he wrote, “It is as if I always met in those places some grand, serene, immortal, infinitely encouraging, though invisible, companion, and walked with him.”

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