“Grief Evergreen” (Higgins’s song)

SAM_1520 (2)

In Chapter 3, Higgins speaks about writing this song. Here are the words. Feel free to set them to music!


People will die, and I knew that yesterday.
People will cry, and I know that now today.
I would have been fine just knowing that yesterday.
I didn’t want to learn I was right today.

Fresh sap in the leaves evergreen,
clean and new every season,
grief evergreen.

The ache of a soul that lived a night too long,
the one that brought sorrow and failure and wrong,
the one I saw coming. I knew all along
I couldn’t stop it. I wish I were that strong.

(Repeat chorus)

Life is a song, and time never stops breathing.
I can’t be quiet, I can’t refuse to sing.
I can’t stop sunrise, and I can’t stop the spring.
It hurts more to keep silent. I have to sing.

(Repeat chorus)

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