Join me at Stabbycon on February 1 at Reddit

My Reddit avatar looks just like me: green eyes, dark blue hair (dyed), glasses, and comfortable shoes. I’ll be participating in the second annual online Stabbycon convention at r/fantasy at Reddit. Specifically, I’ll be on the February 1 panel about “Unusual Biology.” It should open around noon. If you’re a redditor, drop in, join the … Continue reading Join me at Stabbycon on February 1 at Reddit

2021 publishing roundup – update

I’ve discovered that one more work of mine appeared in 2021, a republication of my translation into English of the short story “Francine (draft for the September lecture)” by Maria Antònia Martí Escayol, at Apex Magazine on December 28. This evocative, haunting story will make you wonder what’s real: after Renée Descartes’s daughter dies, he … Continue reading 2021 publishing roundup – update